Stephen Cook



Who Am I?

I'm Stephen. I gave up a promising Mario Kart career in 2014, to instead focus on software engineering full-time.

I'm reasonably full-stack, but I much prefer to focus on the front-end. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn if you want some more words about projects and stacks.

Where Do I Work?

I currently work at Thread as a front-end engineer.

Thread is trying to make it easy to find clothes online, using fancy machine learning and in-house stylists to show you only clothes you'll like. It is a pretty cool company, if you were looking…


100% CSS Mario Kart

CSS allows us to select elements in the DOM, and style them.

But how much more can it do — can we use it to make a fully interactive game, without touching JavaScript at all?

This talk explores some cool CSS features, and applies them in such a way that brings the CSS Working Group to tears.

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Native-Like Animations with React-Router

React-router makes linking between parts of React applications a breeze.

However, pages suddenly loading can look a bit janky, especially when compared to the swish animations that have become more the norm in native applications.

This talk takes a look at how to achieve native-like transitions on the web, still using react-router, and without making your codebase unreadable.

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Open Source

You can view my GitHub page here.

I do this and that with Open Source, but my main focuses are:

Speed Measure Plugin

Speed Measure Plugin is a webpack plugin I created to help measure your build times.

See how fast (or not) your plugins and loaders are, so you can optimise your builds.